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In short, BUCKLE UP and get ready to have a blast!!

We are the largest event planning group in all of Arizona for our unique community!!!! Our events are designed specifically around socialization and out-of-the-box fun! They are interactive, zany, entertaining, relaxing, surprising, and done in a way so that you can socialize and make a ton of new friendships. Our community is very unique and most of us can move about focusing on what’s important to each of us. What we felt was lacking was your basic old having fun in a nonjudgmental, stress-free, non-shaming, non-bullying, and free to be who you are kind of a safe place.


You’ll quickly discover there is a VIBE TO OUR TRIBE, which is: TOTAL ACCEPTANCE & SUPPORT! You must be nice, non-judgemental, will not belittle someone, respect boundaries, and build up people instead of bringing them down. Pretty simple. Oh, that and be willing to have not a little, but A LOT of fun!!!!

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